17 Sep
Software Test Engineer
California, Usca

Job Description

AristaNetworksis looking for world-class SoftwareTestEngineers to help us in building the highest qualitynetworkingproducts you can buy. At Arista, you’ll spend your timeembeddeddeeply into our development teams, working side by side with the developers, helping us to explore, find and fix our bugs before they can reach our customers. You will

NOTspend your time running manual regressions of mind numbing, 1000 pagetestplans, because Arista’s developers automate all the basic functional and integrationtests. Instead, you’llbringyour intelligence, creativity, and drive to work every day to help us understand how our products are going to be used by our customers and to make sure that they’re going to work every time. Your job is to find the hard bugs, the ones not easily exposed by the developers’ automated unit and product leveltests.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Use every means possible to find the bugs in the software and/orhardwarebeing developed by your team.
  • Writetestplans to validate Arista features and products.
  • Designtestnetworktopologies to validate functionality, performance, stability and scalability of features and products.
  • Executetestplans to verify all aspects of the product. Identify defects and validate resolution.
  • Work as an agile member of a combined development andtestteam, running in short cycles to develop functional software in quick iterations.
  • Work with the developers on your team in creating their plans for automatedteststo complement the exploratory testing that you perform. Be the testing expert for your team.
  • Participate in functional specification and software design reviews held by your team and provide customer centric input.


  • Proven expertise in creatingtestmethodologies and writingtestplans.
  • Strong knowledge in one or more of the following areas:Ethernet, RSTP/ MSTP, VLANs, IPRouting,TCP/IP, OSPF, IS-IS,BGP, IGMP, PIM SM/ SSM, QoS, L2-L3protocols, Platform validation, HA, QOS,networkmanagement.
  • Experience with IXIA and/or Spirenttesttools desired
  • Familiarity withtestautomation tools and scripting languages desired
  • BS CS/CE/EE plus 3+ years of experience. MS degree preferred
  • Strong communication skills.
  • CCIEcertification a plus.

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

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