02 Dec
Equipment Operator - Yard
Texas, Houston , 77001 Houston USA

[This position is responsible for moving different commodities, utilizing heavy equipment, and performing a variety of physical and labor-intensive tasks within the terminal. To qualify for this position, the following are required: Must have one (1) year experience driving one or more of the following heavy equipment: mule jockey, tractor trailer, Empty Handler, or Top loader. Must be able to efficiently maneuver the selected heavy equipment during the practice exam. Must be able to handle safely and efficiently heavy containerized, palletized, or loose cargoes in a high volume, fast paced environment. Must possess previous experience performing a variety of physical and labor-intensive tasks. Must have the ability to read, write, and speak Basic English. Must be able to accurately process alpha/numeric information.Must have a[valid drivers license with clean driving record.

[Salary: $20/hr. - Non-Exempt


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