02 Dec
Business Development Professional II
Texas, Abilene , 79601 Abilene USA


[This position represents a critical role within SE/SEPC that is responsible to capture billable work, promote Samuels brand, develop and implement business plans to grow market share, and foster expansion into new regions and sectors of business. This position is also responsible to generate a high volume of qualified Opportunities that contribute to a robust Sales Pipeline[ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:]{arial",sans-serif"=""}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}

Generate a large volume of qualified Opportunities that fit Samuels business objectives, match our successful project profile, and contribute to the overall success of the company. Based on input from the Steering Committee, the of Business Development will work with the Senior Business Development Professional to set realistic sales goals that adequately contribute to company revenue and strategic initiatives. Sales goals for the team may be adjusted, as needed, based upon market conditions, company billability, and availability of BD staff. Leads, Opportunities, and Proposals should be tracked in Insightly CRM because the results populate your scorecard and allow for billability forecasting

Client targets should be strategically balanced between new and existing customers and thorough planning and specific preparation for each meeting is imperative to success. Meetings with existing Clients to gather feedback, obtain industry information and/or show our appreciation for their business may be common; however, such meetings should supplement the goal of attracting new business and not take away from meeting business development goals

Responsible to attend regular Project Development meetings (in person or by phone) with the assigned supervising Director and report on current Leads/Opportunities, wins/losses, challenges, and support required. This meeting will also cover current Samuel workload and project status, updates passed down from Steering Committee and team development discussions

The Business Development Professional may be called upon to advise and contribute to development of proposals, marketing materials and other advertising platforms(website, social media, etc.). The ultimate responsibility for production of these items will lie with the Project and Business Development Support Team

Exhibit prudence and discretion in sharing competitive information, confidential project details and propriety methods. A confidentiality agreement will be required for performance of these duties

Attend industry events, client meetings, conferences, site trips, etc., after consultation with the assigned supervising Director. The sales focus at such events and meetings should include all possible solutions and experience that SE/SEPC has to offer (within the reasonable bounds of the discussion and your knowledge base)

Act as Samuels Brand Ambassador both in the office and at outside events. This role represents a mindset in which the positive qualities that our Clients see in us and our keys to success are always at the forefront of everything that we do

[DIRECTION RECEIVED[:]{arial",sans-serif"=""}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}

Receives direction from the assigned supervising Director. May at times collaborate with other members of the Steering Committee

[DIRECTION OF OTHERS[:]{arial",sans-serif"=""}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}

May direct or collaborate with other team members, as needed


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