02 Dec
Texas, Abilene , 79601 Abilene USA

[Purpose:[ Constructs, erects, installs and repairs structures and fixtures of wood, plywood, and patent type form systems using carpenters hand tools and power tools within tolerances that conform to drawing and specification tolerances as well as directing and training carpenter helpers to do the same.[Work Schedule:[ Varies by location. Must have open availability any time any day of the week. Length of

employment is limited to job assignment and/or project duration.[Essential Skills (may include but are not limited to the ability to):]{arial",sans-serif"=""}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}Read a tape measure or rulerMake measurements using a tape to the 1/16" toleranceIdentify lumber by grade and sizePerform basic craft math and apply to build both simple and complex formsRead blueprint plans and elevationsPerform layouts from centerlines drawn by engineerUse a framing square for layout workUse a plumb bob to transfer lines and plumb formworkLayout and build templates for anchor boltsIdentify and use multiple forming systems (both square and round)Identify parts of a forming system and purpose of eachRecognize type and quantity of formwork needed to erect foundation from blueprintsInstall formwork plumb, square, and level to acceptable tolerancesSet anchor bolts and embeds to acceptable tolerancesForm all foundations, beams, columns, and elevated slabs with form system using blueprint and detailsBuild radius forms, manhole, haunch forms, install blockouts and pipe sleevesCalculate amount of concrete needed to fill formwork after erected[[]{style="color:#444"}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}

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