03 Dec
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Hello, looking for entrepreneurs who understand the magnitude of this opportunity with this new Financial Eco System

Helping your family and friends save money and make money!

Unleash the Power of Your Spending…As a Tranzact Card Member, your buying power doubles, and your long-term savings grow, One swipe at a time

Power Spend and Double your buying power…

Use your Tranzact Card for everyday purchases, and for every $1 you spend, You earn a matching Z-Buck. Z-Bucks can be redeemed in Z-Club and buy down from everyday items to exclusive vacation packages. Use Zbucks on an Amazon-like website with over 500 vendors like Nike, Louis Vuitton, Ray Ban, Lululemon, Gucci, Samsung, LG, Bose, Rolex, and Adidas, just to name a few: Products such as; Watches, clothing, shoes, TV’s, Digital tablets and smartphones, electronics, etc. Use Zbucks on travel as well as inclusive vacation packages and cruises!

Become a Digital Branch Office (DBO) and Get compensated for growing your own business and promoting the benefits of Tranzact Card to others. Earn cash from every swipe other Tranzact Card members make! For more on this. Please

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