31 Jan
Home Health Aid Direct Service Worker - Position Available
Louisiana, New orleans , 70112 New orleans USA

Days and Hours Available

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Job Description

To aid and support a female client (singular) who is unable to perform routine daily activities without assistance. Their duties include running errands, assisting with personal hygiene, cooking for her, and performing housekeeping tasks.

Job Responsibilities of a Direct Service Worker

1. Provide health care services in patients' residences

2. Perform domestic and household tasks (such as laundry, cooking meals, and snacks, and shopping requirements of all kinds of tasks around their home)

3. Transport and accompany patients to the doctor's office or to the hospital (as needed)

4. Administer simple prescribed medications

5. Assist with client’s personal care activities (such as bathing and dressing them in their own home)

6. Monitor patients (vital signs, temperature, respiration, etc.) and report on their condition (as needed)

7. Maintain patient's care records and document provided services

8. Assist patients with mobility and physical therapies/exercises

9. Provide companionship and basic emotional or psychological support

10. MUST HAVE RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION. This company does not offer transportation. You are responsible for your transportation. You must be a licensed driver who has insurance.

Additional requirements:

1. Must have a smart cell phone that can download an app that will be used to clock in and clock out

2. Must be able to track your schedule on this app

3. Must be able to review your timesheet on this app and notify the manager/owner of any edits that need to be made before timesheets are turned in for payroll

Training will be provided to set up your app on your phone, clock in/out procedures, and review the timesheets on your phone. You will get paid bi-weekly. We CANNOT offer advance payment of funds or any other type of payment outside of payroll.

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