31 Jan
Data Center Operations Control Systems Engineer
Maryland, Frederick , 21701 Frederick USA

Please submit applications for this position using the following link: https://careers2-anothersource.icims.com/jobs/101522/data-center-operations-control-systems-engineer/job?mode=job&iis=SOURCE&iisn=Craigslist

Another Source’s client, Sabey Data Centers is recruiting a Data Center Operations Control Systems Engineer to join their team in Ashburn, VA.

Who is Sabey?

Sabey Data Centers is a leader in providing colocation, powered shell, and build-to-suit data centers. Their world-class data centers have been consistently recognized for operational excellence and record of sustained uptime. With more than 20 years of industry experience and three million square feet of mission critical space, they are the largest privately-owned multi-tenant data center owner/operator in the USA and are proud to provide data center services to many of the world's top financial, technology, media, and healthcare companies.

The importance this role has in our organization:

This position is a unique blend of DCIM Controls Engineering and Facilities Engineering. The role is primarily responsible for overseeing and managing the data center's control systems. This role is also responsible for responding to alarms, addressing issues within the data center, and "hands-on" day-to-day facility maintenance, repairs, and operations. The company’s data centers incorporate a variety of topologies and brands of electrical, mechanical, and environmental control systems, supporting our varied tenants’ needs. 

Your contribution will likely be:

Controls Engineering:

Oversee complex controls and monitoring systems within the data center.

Ensure the consistent operation of systems within specified tolerances and standards

Research, test, analyze, and propose enhancements to existing control systems.

Maintain and manage building management systems (BMS) and electrical power monitoring systems (EPMS).

Conduct system audits and implement improvements for consistency, increased efficiency, and reliability.

Routine Equipment Maintenance:

Execute scheduled and preventive maintenance tasks on data center equipment.

Perform equipment checks, inspections, and cleaning as part of routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Collaborate with the data center team to support preventive maintenance activities, including tasks such as equipment testing, cleaning, and inspection.

Ensure that preventive maintenance tasks are executed according to established schedules and guidelines to minimize downtime and extend equipment lifespan.

Monitoring and Alert Response:

Monitor data center environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and power consumption, through the use of monitoring tools and systems.

Respond promptly to alarms and alerts, following predefined procedures to investigate and address issues or escalate them to senior engineers as necessary.

Maintain vigilant awareness of equipment status and health by regularly reviewing monitoring dashboards.

Assistance in Issue Resolution:

Collaborate closely with senior engineers and technicians to troubleshoot and resolve equipment issues.

Participate in diagnosing problems, implementing solutions, and documenting incident details and resolutions for future reference.

Offer support during critical incidents and participate in on-call rotations to ensure 24/7 coverage.

Inventory Management and Documentation:

Assist in managing inventory levels, tracking stock levels, and initiating procurement of replacement parts or equipment when required.

Contribute to the maintenance of comprehensive documentation on equipment configurations for future reference.

Vendor and Contractor Coordination:

Work in conjunction with external vendors and contractors during equipment installations, upgrades, and repairs.

Follow instructions, provide assistance as needed, and ensure that external work aligns with industry standards and project timelines.

Adherence to Compliance and Safety:

Strictly adhere to established data center procedures and guidelines to maintain compliance with industry standards, security protocols, and safety regulations.

Promote a safety-conscious culture, emphasizing proper equipment handling and safety procedures within the data center.

Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines, including the proper handling of equipment and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Promote a culture of safety within the data center environment and report any safety concerns or incidents promptly.

Support for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:

Actively participate in disaster recovery and business continuity planning efforts.

Assist in ensuring that data center operations are well-prepared to respond effectively to emergencies, minimize downtime, and maintain service continuity.

Incident Response:

Be part of an on-call rotation to quickly respond to and resolve critical incidents.

Coordinate with the Operations team to implement disaster recovery plans and restore services in the event of major outages.

Document incidents comprehensively, analyzing root causes and implementing measures to prevent future occurrences.

Communicate effectively with stakeholders during and after incidents to provide updates and assurance.

Essential Functions:

Ability to interact with all levels of Sabey employees and business partners – must be able to build and maintain strong professional relationships.

Must be comfortable working in situations with an emphasis on preventive maintenance and emergency response.

Ability to lift up to 50 pounds and operate a variety of hand and power tools.

This job requires flexibility to work any shift and/or on weekends.

May be required to carry on-call phone, weekend work/overtime will be required to support certain maintenance activities.

Interface with technology and operate digital tools.

Ability to work independently with minimal instruction.

Minimum Qualifications:

High school diploma or equivalent; technical certifications or coursework related to data center operations are a plus.

Relevant industry experience (mechanical, electrical, controls, etc.). Ability to quickly learn such systems, utilizing operations manuals and similar documentation.

Minimum Competencies:

Proficiency with Microsoft Suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, etc.

Ability to become proficient in other software.

Demonstrated desire to continuously learn.

Must be detail oriented with the ability to maintain a strong focus on attention to detail.

Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Developed problem-solving and analytical abilities.

Self-motivated and possess the ability to motivate others.

Ability to maintain a professional attitude and work well under pressure.

Sabey’s investment in YOU:

Sabey is building an enduring next-generation company that inspires and values team-member greatness, which is achieved through intentional and strategic focus on optimizing the strengths of individuals and the collective organization. SabeyLife is a comprehensive portfolio of offerings focused on optimizing our holistic well-being, ensuring that we have the resources we need to pursue purpose and meaning in every area of our lives. SabeyLife is who we are as a team. We want each team member to be the best they can be – not just at work, but also for their friends, families and the communities they serve.

SabeyLife programs include:

Health and Wellness Program

Thought Patterns for High Performance

Everything DiSC

Built to Last

We offer a competitive salary range for this position, between $99,220 - $153,700 per year DOE. The final compensation package will be tailored to your qualifications and the expertise you bring to the role; we anticipate an attractive starting salary between $99,220 - $126,506 per year.

To learn more about Sabey, take a look:




EEO Policy Statement: Sabey Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Sabey Data Centers and Sabey Construction, are equal opportunity employers. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to status as a protected veteran or a qualified individual with a disability, or other protected status such as age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, or national origin.

If you need further assistance and/or accommodation to apply, please contact the Sabey Human Resources Department at (206) 277-5247 or by email at maxsch@sabey.com.

Background Check: A background check must satisfactorily be completed before a candidate can be offered this position. Failure to complete the background check and receive clearance may affect the application status of a new hire individual.

Another Source works with their clients, on a retained project basis.  We are committed to building inclusive candidate pools as we partner with hiring teams. Veterans, women, people of color, LGBTQIA+, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. As you read through the job posting and review the list of qualifications (required and/or preferred), please do not self-select out if you feel you do not meet every qualification. No one is 100% qualified. We encourage you to apply and share your story with us. 

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