31 Jan
Administrative Support Assistant
West Virginia, Beaver , 25813 Beaver USA

Summary This position is located in the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), Beckley District Office in Beaver, WV. The incumbent of this position performs a variety of administrative and analytical duties, such as, but not limited to Finance, Procurement, Inventory, and Training, as well as assists with other administrative duties. This position is inside the bargaining unit. Responsibilities Participates in the development of long and short-range planning as it relates to finance, procurement and training for the district. Conducts a variety of ongoing and specialized studies of the district's administrative functions and needs for the purpose of effectively measuring past trends and accomplishments and /or determining the current and future needs of the district. Uses work experience and knowledge of requirements to search, locate, and obtain publications, data, information, records, to prepare reports and summaries. Assists in the development of statistical information of financial obligations and expenditures by object classification, e.g., procurement, services, travel, etc. Prepares and executes procurement requisitions for approval by District management. Researches and solicits potential vendors for price quotations on a variety of supplies, material, equipment, and services. Analyzes offers on established factors such as responsiveness, ability to perform, reasonable price and other factors peculiar to a particular acquisition necessary to ensure the best value for the government. Administers purchase orders including following up on deliveries, extension of delivery times, settling disputes which arise, and contacts vendor customer service staff to discuss the status of acquisitions, delivery arrangements, supply and or service problems. Prepares purchase orders and related correspondence and reviews payment documents. Responsible for reviewing and processing reimbursement submissions prior to District Manager's approval. Reviews monthly budget reports for accuracy and monitors expenditures. Maintains records, including electronic databases or spreadsheets, related to purchase orders, requisitions and credit cards. Serves as the District Property Management Off icer and coordinates the property management programs. Receives and disburses supplies and equipment in accordance with existing regulations and property classification. Maintains up-to-date master inventory of all the equipment in the district; marks and tags all property. Coordinates the management of the district's motor vehicle fleet. Serves as a liaison between GSA and the district's workgroups regarding vehicle service, maintenance, repair, accident reporting, and replacement. Prepares the district's annual training plan for entry level, intermediate and journeyman employees and supervisors and managers. Submits plans for approval and monitors throughout the year. Requirements Conditions of Employment Qualifications To qualify for this position, your application and resume must clearly show that you possess the experience and/or education requirements as defined below. If qualifying based on experience, be sure these types of examples are evident in your resume. Applicants must have one year (52 weeks) of specialized experience equivalent to at least the next lower grade level, GS-06, in the Federal service. Examples of specialized experience include:· · Developing and preparing a variety of administrative reports; · Serving as a focal point for callers and guests; · Responsible for obtaining and distributing office supplies and materials; · Maintaining computer databases; · Receives and process a variety of reports and other documents; · Researching, gathering and assembling information using various sources, such as, but not limited to files and Internet access. Specialized experience is experience that equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position and that is typically in or related to the position to be filled. Education There is no education substitution at the GS-07 level. Additional Information Applicants must meet all legal and regulatory requirements. Reference the Required Documents section for additional requirements. All MSHA employees and their spouses, and minor children are prohibited by regulation from having any interest, direct or indirect, in any mine or mining company that may be directly affected by the work of MSHA through its investigations, technical research, or other activities. These interests are prohibited under the Department of Labor's Supplemental Standards of Ethical Conduct Regulations at 5 CFR 5201.105. Certain MSHA employees are required to file a financial disclosure report. For questions, please contact Kizzie Stokes at stokes.kizzie.a@dol.gov or 972-850-4462. This position is inside the bargaining unit. If the duty location is within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, the position will be included in the Local 12, AFGE bargaining unit. If the duty location is outside the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, the position will be included in the NCFLL bargaining unit. Persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or have speech disabilities, please dial 711 to access telecommunications relay services. The mission of the Department of Labor (DOL) is to protect the welfare of workers and job seekers, improve working conditions, expand high-quality employment opportunities, and assure work-related benefits and rights for all workers. As such, the Department is committed to fostering a workplace and workforce that promote equal employment opportunity, reflects the diversity of the people we seek to serve, and models a culture of respect, equity, inclusion, and accessibility where every employee feels heard, supported, and empowered. Refer to these links for more information: GENERAL INFORMATION, REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION, FORMER FEDERAL EMPLOYEES As a condition of employment, all personnel must undergo a background investigation for access to DOL facilities, systems, information and/or classified materials before they can enter on duty: BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION Based on agency needs, additional positions may be filled using this vacancy. Department of Labor may use certain incentives and hiring flexibilities, currently offered by the Federal government to attract highly qualified candidates. Additional information is available here. The Fair Chance Act (FCA) prohibits Federal agencies from requesting an applicant's criminal history information before the agency makes a conditional offer of employment. If you believe a DOL employee has violated your rights under the FCA, you may file a complaint of the alleged violation following our agency's complaint process Guidelines for Reporting Violations of the Fair Chance Act. Note: The FCA does not apply to some positions specified under the Act, such as law enforcement or national security positions.

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