01 Feb
Heavy Equipment Snow Operator
Massachusetts, Boston , 02108 Boston USA

The Snow Heavy Equipment Operator is responsible for operating wheel loaders and skid steers to clear snow and ice from client properties that include roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and other designated areas. This role is crucial in ensuring safe and accessible surfaces during winter weather conditions. The operator must have a strong understanding of operating heavy equipment and should be capable of working in challenging weather conditions.

Key Responsibilities:

Snow Removal - Operating heavy equipment to remove snow and ice efficiently and safely from client properties, assigned property roadways, and other designated areas.

Route Navigation - Follow assigned routes and schedules to cover designated areas for snow removal, ensuring that high-priority areas receive immediate attention.

Equipment Maintenance - Perform routine pre- and post-trip inspections of heavy equipment, including checking lights, brakes, fluids, and plow or salter functionality. Report any malfunctions or maintenance needs promptly.

Safety Compliance - Adhere to all safety regulations and guidelines while operating heavy equipment. Ensure proper use of personal protective equipment and maintain a strong focus on safe operating practices.

Communication - Communicate effectively with dispatch or supervisors to receive assignments, report completed tasks, and provide updates on road or property conditions and any issues encountered.

Record Keeping - Maintain accurate records of work performed, including dates, times, areas cleared, and materials used with the First-Choice service verification app.

Team Collaboration - Coordinate with other heavy equipment operators, maintenance crews, and support staff to ensure efficient snow removal efforts across the designated service areas and client properties.

Safe Equipment Operation - Adjust operating techniques and plowing strategies based on road conditions, traffic flow, property conditions and the type of snow accumulation.

Auxiliary Equipment Operation - Operate auxiliary equipment, such as salt spreaders, articulating wing plows, push boxes and de-icing equipment, as necessary to enhance property safety.

Training - Participate in training sessions related to safe snow operations, equipment handling, and emergency response protocols.

Qualifications –

- 2+ years’ experience in heavy equipment operation and/or snow and ice management experience.

- Ability to work flexible hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays, depending on weather conditions.

- Physical stamina and ability to work in cold and challenging weather conditions for extended periods.

- Attention to detail and a commitment to safety.

Hourly Rate is negotiable with experience.

Note: This job description is a general outline and may vary based on specific job requirements, locations, and client preferences. Snow Heavy Equipment Operators play an essential role in ensuring safe and accessible pathways for our clients during winter weather.

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