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Radiologic Technologist - Per Diem
California, San diego , 92101 San diego USA

Job Summary:Under indirect supervision, operates radiographic equipment using imaging modalities. Performs general diagnostic radiology procedures in compliance with department protocols, including fluoroscopy, orthopedics, tomography, C-arms, surgery, and portables. Evaluates radiographs for technical quality. Exercises professional judgment in the performance of procedures. Applies principles of radiation protection and provides patient care essential to radiographic procedures. Recognizes patient conditions requiring immediate action and initiates life support measures. Essential Responsibilities:

Customer Service - Is responsive to the needs of others by maintaining a professional behavior toward members and coworkers and creating a positive image for the department, as demonstrated by:

A willingness to take the initiative to resolve member issues.

Handling a high number of member contacts.

Dealing with customer complaints in a positive way.

Providing compassionate service.

Treating coworkers with respect and appreciation.

Fostering teamwork and thinking positively.

Identifies the impact of cultural diversity and lifestyle choices on patient condition and makes accommodations for such differences.

Demonstrates competence in the operation of radiographic equipment, both mobile and stationary in various patient care settings.

Consistently selects correct technical factors relative to the requirements of the study and the patients age and body habitus.

Consistently selects other equipment settings/parameters (e.g. locks on equipment and tables, tube placement, control panel settings, etc.) appropriately.

Consistently processes radiographic images properly, utilizing automated equipment.

Uses proper sterile technique.

Consistently operates imaging computer properly and in accordance with department protocols (CT, MRI).

Demonstrates knowledge of, and consistently uses ancillary equipment (e.g. catheters, guidewires, etc.) properly. (Angio)

Demonstrates competence in the positioning of patients for radiographic imaging.

Routinely positions patients accurately relative to the requirements of the study as stated in the department protocols.

Utilizes various immobilizing devices such as sponges and sandbags whenever necessary to obtain acceptable radiographs and/or electronic images.

Always takes special care in handling/positioning patients with critical injuries or trauma to avoid further injury.

Age Specific Criteria:

Demonstrates an understanding of the cognitive, physical, emotional and chronological maturation process in delivery of services to patients of the age group served.

Able to assess data reflective of the patients status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patients requirements relative to his or her age specific needs and to provide the care needed in accordance with department policy. (Neonatal. Pediatric, Adolescent. Adult, Geriatric).

Adjusts technical factors relative to the requirements of the study and the physical maturation of the patient.

Modifies patient positioning techniques relative to the patients physical and cognitive abilities.

Always takes special care in handling, positioning and/or restraining infants and geriatric patients to avoid injury or excessive radiation exposure.

Never leaves infant, pediatric or disoriented geriatric patient unattended. 0%

Exercises Good Clinical Judgment:

Consults with the radiologist or other clinician for purposes of clarifying orders.

Selects alternate or additional view appropriately relative to the patients condition.

Does not attempt to perform an exam in any case in which it cannot be performed safely and/or properly.

Documents clinical activities in a timely, comprehensive, and accurate manner.

Completes and initials the standard consultation form and the Radiology Processing Record accurately and immediately following each procedure.


Demonstrates good communication skills.

Communicates verbally in a clear and concise manner.

Communicates verbal instruction to member in a manner that is conducive to understanding and compliance.

Demonstrates courteous and appropriate telephone skills.

Speaks English in the presence of patients, except as required to interpret for non-English-speaking patients.

Communicates in writing accurately, completely and legibly, and routes such communication appropriately and in a timely manner.

Professional Maturity:

Demonstrates professional maturity in all interactions with patients and staff.

Strives to maintain good working relationships and rapport with patients, other members of the department and the health care team.

Is flexible and cooperative about schedule changes made to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Responds appropriately to constructive criticism from supervisors and peers.

Functions independently within the defined scope of position.


Meets productivity norms achieved by peers within the department.

Equipment, Supplies, and Work Area:

Maintains equipment, supplies and work area in accordance with department guidelines.

Keeps equipment and work area clean at all times.

Routinely handles equipment with care to avoid damage.

Reports equipment malfunctions to supervisory staff promptly.

Organizational Rules, Policies, and Procedures:

Observes all organizational, regional, medical service area and Diagnostic Imaging Department policies and procedures.

Is compliant with organizational, regional and medical service area policies and procedures.

Observes Regional Radiation Safety Standards and Department Safety Policies.

Quality of Service:

Maintains standards or professional behavior established to enhance quality of service.

Greets members promptly and courteously with eye contact and a pleasant expression and tone of voice.

Informs members of reason for any delays or anticipated delays in their care.

Treats patients in accordance with the Patients Bill of Rights.

Conducts only work related conversations when members are waiting for service.

Assume other activities and responsibilities from time to time as directed.

Upholds Kaiser Permanentes Policies and Procedures, Principles of Responsibilities and applicable state, federal and local laws.

Basic Qualifications:


· N/A


· N/A

License, Certification, Registration

· Radiologic Technologist Certificate (California)

· Certified Radiologic Technologist - Fluoroscopy Certificate (California) within 4 months of hire

· Radiologic Technologist Certification within 4 months of hire from American Registry of Radiologic Technologists

· Basic Life Support within 4 months of hire

Preferred Qualifications:

· Two (2) year/s experience as a staff technologist.

· CRT Mammography certification.

· ARRT Mammography qualification.


· Shifts, hours, and/or locations may vary based on operational need.

· May rotate to all current and future locations within the San Diego service area based on operational needs.

COMPANY: KAISERTITLE: Radiologic Technologist - Per DiemLOCATION: San Diego, CaliforniaREQNUMBER: 1249884External hires must pass a background check/drug screen. Qualified applicants with arrest and/or conviction records will be considered for employment in a manner consistent with Federal, state and local laws, including but not limited to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran, or disability status.

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