02 Mar
Assemblers for hardware stores
Maine, Maine 00000 Maine USA

We are hiring grill and yard equipment assemblers for our hardware stores.

We are hiring for our stores in and around Augusta, Auburn, Bangor, Rockland and the Portland area.

This job can be part time or full time and we can work around the schedules of other primary jobs in most cases.

When you see all of the grills, picnic tables and wheelbarrows that are already assembled in front of big box home improvement retailers, we are the teams that make that happen for the stores. We do not work directly for the stores as we are a service contractor for them.

All assembly takes place inside the hardware stores.

The average assembler will make $25 per hour on piecework.

Above average assembler earns over $25 and even some over $35-45 per hour. As the job pays by each piece assembled, the more you assemble the more you are paid. Each item pays different prices depending on the difficulty of each item. The average assembler can build 2 grills per hour and about 6-10 wheelbarrows per hour for example.

This is a year-round position. Although it is much busier in the summer months.

Each assembler typically works at the 2 or 3 closest locations to their home. Some assemblers work only at their local store 3-5 days a week

This position is open to men and women of all ages and skill levels who enjoy building things.

No experience required. We will teach you how to assemble quickly and efficiently.

The hours are generally 7AM-3PM weekdays. The hours and days can be flexible. We can work around your primary job if this is a secondary.

The top 10% of our assemblers make $50,000-$65,000 per year.

The top 20% earn $40,000 per year.

We will provide you with paid on the job training for the first 40 hours. During this training, a veteran assembler will work by your side and show you how to assemble in the most efficient manner. We generally only visit one store per day.

It takes about 20-30 work hours to assemble everything that is needed for a store's weekly assembly appointment.

We assemble all of their grills, wheelbarrows, patio furniture, tool boxes, riding mowers, snow blowers, among other items. Anything that comes in a box and requires assembly, we assemble for them.

Requirements and details:

Able to lift 50 lbs grills repeatedly.

Must be at least 18 years old.

The basic tools needed are a cordless drill, Metric socket set, phillips bits, box cutter and a small pair of pliers

Must have access to reliable transportation.

Pay is based on piecework after paid on the job training.

This is a W2 position.

Payday is every 2 weeks via direct deposit.

If you are interested, please contact me, and I will reach out to you with more details,

We would also offer you a location to meet our assemblers in a store while they work to check out the job, and we could answer more questions about the pay, hours and schedules available, as well as go over the basic tools required.

This is a great position if you are self motivated and open to being paid by the piece vs by the hour. The work loads are very heavy and we have to work quickly and efficiently, but the work environment is laid back and friendly.

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