06 Apr
Systems Administrator
Oregon, Portland , 97201 Portland USA

Parthenon Software Group, a developer of web and mobile applications, is looking for a full-time Linux engineer who can perform Linux server administration work, help clients with emergencies, and assist in on-call duties.

About us: We develop custom software and automation solutions for small businesses, generally using open-source languages and libraries. We specialize in starting work with a business we know nothing about, learning its requirements quickly, and developing software from scratch (no customization of existing open-source apps) that fits the requirements at a reasonable cost. We are not a marketing or "web solutions" company we don't promise to make anyone's business take off with a nice-looking website. Instead, our business is in making a client's workflow faster, saner, and more intuitive by automating or simplifying it with software. We are almost a completely all-Linux/OSS shop (we have a few Macs), and of those, almost all are Ubuntu.

This role requires a strong understanding of Unix and Linux servers and the Linux command line and shell. The primary work will consist of day-to-day maintenance, troubleshooting, scripting, and research on the Linux environments we support.

A person in this role will start with non-time-sensitive projects such as system tuning, and will move into an on-call rotation as his or her knowledge of the systems increases.

Candidates are expected to work in mostly Linux environments and pick up requisite knowledge quickly with as little outside help as possible while experience helps, this job requires someone who is a fast and adaptable learner and problem-solver. This is a local position for an on-site employee, so no outsourcing contractors or remote/work-from-home candidates please.

The ideal candidate would have the following:

- Previous work or hobby experience in administering Unix/Linux VPSes or physical servers on a text console. This includes knowledge of standard (cross-distro) Unix utilities, init scripts and how they work, shell scripting, logs, cronjobs, file permissions, &c.

- Strong understanding of operating systems and hosting of applications in a colocated environment that is a mix of physical and cloud hosting.

- Knowledge of database administration, preferably from a text console (phpMyAdmin doesn't count) is preferred. We are hosting a large MySQL database and several NoSQL DBs.

- The ability to get up to speed on a complex open source app armed with a pile of manpages and Google.

Optional experience that is a plus:

- Knowledge of Python or some other commonly-used scripting language, enough to solve an automation or text processing problem on a Unix server.

- Experience with vim or emacs

- Understanding of regular expressions, preferably Perl-style regular expressions.

- Experience with any of the following applications from an administrative position: nginx, Duplicity, Postfix, Ansible, git, Nagios, or Asterisk.

- Interest in software development from a support perspective. This isn't a dev job, but we're a company of software developers and pretty much all the systems we support are running custom software, so our best systems administrators have worked and interacted closely with them even if it's not their particular discipline.

Please send resumes or requests for further info to the email listed.

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