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Remote Life Ins Sales, High Commission, Part/Full Time, 1st/2nd Income
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Ever wondered how to tell if a company is really great? It all boils down to the people leading it and what they've done before!

Hegemon Group International (HGI) was founded and led by the primary builder of two-billion-dollar market cap distribution companies in the insurance industry. Hubert Humphrey is now building his third, including HGI Direct, a direct sales division of the company focused solely on providing the highest compensation contracts and world-class qualified lead programs to professional life insurance agents.

Humphrey has changed the insurance game, helping thousands of Americans find financial freedom and earning hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions. HGI Direct is set to be one of the fastest-growing marketing companies around. This opportunity is for licensed agents and those wanting to become licensed.

Here are 13 reasons why HGI Direct is one of the best Independent Marketing Organizations (IMO) in the insurance industry:

1) Big Payouts: HGI Direct pays some of the highest commissions in the industry, from 70% to 130%, plus more in Generational Overrides.

2) Easy Paperwork: We've simplified the paperwork so agents and clients don't get stuck in red tape.

3) Money Keeps Coming: You get paid over and over for the work you do with our great renewal rates.

4) Top-Notch Providers: We work with the best A+ Insurance Carriers.

5) Learn from the Pros: Get free top-notch training from experienced pros.

6) Multiple Income Streams: You can earn money through commissions, agency overrides, renewal commissions, and high annual bonuses.

7) Daily Pay: Yes, we pay you daily! As soon as we have your money from the carrier we pay you!

8) Quality Leads: We provide high-quality leads to help you succeed.

9) Work Your Way: You create your schedule, whether in an office or at home.

10) Positive Vibes: We're all about positivity, with motivational speakers and events to help you succeed.

11) Freedom and Security: Offer top-notch insurance and annuities and educate your clients while you make money.

12) Clients Come First: We've got plenty of coverage and options for our clients.

13) Supportive Environment: We're like a family, offering motivation and guidance to help you reach your goals.

To join, you'll need a Life Insurance Producer License (or we'll help you get one), be allowed to work in the U.S., pass a background check, be good at building relationships, and be confident and motivated.

Interested? Check out more info here: https://44071874.hs-sites.com/book-call

Many people have experienced different levels of success working with Hegemon Group International (HGI). However, individual member experiences may vary based on many factors. This is not intended to, nor does it, represent that any current member's individual results are representative of what all participants achieve when following the Hegemon Group International system. Also, note that The HGI Opportunity and any HGI Associates used in this promotion may receive compensation for products and services they recommend.

HGI Executive World Headquarters: 11405 Old Roswell Road, Alpharetta, GA 30009

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