06 Apr
Returning Phone Calls $1000/day
Washington, Yakima , 98901 Yakima USA

Would you like to work for yourself about an hour a day doing something that is easy, fun and a true financial lifeline for yourself and others while building a lifelong cash flow?

Are you open to something that truly has the power to change your life?

If your answer is yes, I want to share my website with you, and a short 7 step presentation that explains our 23 year old program in great detail.

My name is Todd. The link to my website is at the bottom of this ad. When you get to my website, enter your name and cell phone number that I can send a text to. I am the only one who receives it and I never sell or share it. This is strictly for my eyes only.

There are start up costs as all opportunities have so if you're broke, this isn't the opportunity for you at this time. Sorry.

This is not a job with a boss or time clock. You are the boss!

If you like the thought of working from home or anywhere, and have a cell phone and maybe a laptop, this may be the answer to a prayer for you like it was for me. I started in February 2023 and generated $75,000 in my first year and $90,000 to date and it's growing! That's not BS. You can too! I fully expect to bust through $200,000 this year! It ain't "get rich" money, but I live well and again, I only work about an hour a day, or I'd say 10 hours a week, working with amazing people from all over and I really wouldn't call it work. I've done that before and this is a joy! I love this. It's an incredible and successful 23 year old program with zero stress.

You'll have all the training and support you can handle. We have a weekly, national Q and A call and a world class back office with everything you could ever need for success. Also, I will help you with whatever you need, every step of the way!

This is a private activity by invitation only and I am selective. You must have a great attitude. You must have good communication skills. You must have a cell phone to call and text people who have requested this information. You must be coachable and genuinely want to help others find their financial lifeline. You will need basic computer skills. I can teach you in an hour if you don't.

You have found a turnkey program with a proven track record of great success. This is very easy to do and duplicate. There is no selling. Our presentation does all of the explaining. This is NOT MLM. There are no pills, potions or lotions that you must purchase or sell. This is THE best opportunity on the planet!

I'll get an email when you register for the presentation and I will send you a text from my cell phone from the 931 area code so be looking for my text. If you like the presentation or have questions after you've seen all 7 short step videos, get back to me and we'll chat about what you want to achieve and how I can best help you achieve it. If it's not something that interests you, I wish you well and hope you find what you're looking for and that you live your best life.

I look forward to chatting with you and I'll be here when you are ready to chat after you've seen the 30 minute, 7 step presentation.


Peace, love and tacos!


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