11 Jun
Texas, Texoma 00000 Texoma USA

Looking for a DEPENDABLE mechanic/maintenance man with the ability to service/repair Brouwer Auto Stacker sod harvester. Additional duties will be to maintain sod farm tractors, sod delivery trucks, pivot irrigation pumps etc located in Bennington, Okroughly 15 miles east of Durant. Oil changes, brakes, tires, filter changes, capacity to make hydraulic hoses(equipment provided) and all other equipment maintenance related actionsheavy line work is NOT required but would be seen as a plus. FULL TIME & PERMANENT position starting at $25 per hour clock in/clock out with OPPORTUNITY based on merit/production. If you're an excuse guy don't applyif you're the guy who makes it happen and doesn't require constant supervision look no further. Feel free to call, text or email me. My name is Cary McManus.

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