02 Nov
Sr Electrical Engineer
Ohio, Bluerockoh 00000 Bluerockoh USA

Possible Key words to search :

  • Printed Electronics
  • 3DP/ 3D Printing
  • Ink formulation/ Particle size definition/ Solvent, Loading content definition
  • Nano particle ink (Silver, Copper, Gold, Carbon, graphene, piezo resistive Inks)
  • 3D Printer hands -on Dimatrix/ nScrypt/ Nano dimension dragon fly/ Optomec/ Stratasys/rize one/ PV Nanocell
  • Printing Technology FFF (Fused Filament fabrication, Extrude, Inkjet, Aerosol jet)
  • Sintering/ Photo sintering/ Laser Sintering/Thermal curing
  • Printed coupon qualification test
  • Electronics Circuit design
  • Electro-mechanical design
  • Wheatstone bridge, Filters, Amplifiers, Opamp/ Buffer, ADC/ DAC, Micro-controller
  • Analog circuit design/ Digital Circuit design/ Mixed Signal design
  • Sensor design, integration Printed Sensors, Printed Components (Printed Resistor/Capacitor.,)
  • JD : Sensor design or integration experience Any experience in RF or antenna circuits for integration Circuit analysis through math Circuit simulation Some minimal PCB Layout Electro mechanical components Creating test protocols and testing as per the protocol Experience or Knowledge in Manufacturing process FMEA Interaction with cross functional teams and handling multiple suppliers Quality process experience from design and manufacturing standpoint Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO and quality system requirements Innovation mind set and exploring new techniques

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